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At Greater Good Leadership we help you develop your skills and confidence so that you can open doors to your leadership, success and happiness and then hold those doors open for others.  Whatever your profession or passion, we help leaders do well while doing good.

Individual consulting, educational seminars and interactive workshops are tailored to clients’ needs.  We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your goals.

The seminar on women’s leadership had a huge impact on me. I had heard about WVLDI before, but didn’t think much about it much because it had “the W word” and I was still afraid of that stigma. It was eye opening to learn that women in veterinary medicine still face obstacles. Still, if it wasn’t for the camaraderie I felt when discussing these challenges openly with my classmates, I wouldn’t have felt as empowered to champion women’s leadership going forward.

Cornell University DVM student, 2017

Thank you for your help preparing me to talk to an audience of potential clients.  Your keen ear, incisive insights and supportive style completely changed my attitude about the impending presentation.  In addition to helping me to hone my message and think about and prepare for potential questions and issues, you helped me feel confident, qualified and comfortable.  The benefits of the work I did with you were manifested in the ease with which I made the presentation as well as the very positive feedback I received! I will continue to consult with you about my new professional venture, as you helped in every way.



Greater Good Leadership | Whatever your profession or passion, we help leaders do well while doing good.

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