Julie Kumble is a director, instructor, and writer in women’s leadership issues from the professional to the personal.  Leading seminars and workshops in a lively, interactive approach, she helps you see the big picture on gender issues and grasp where your personal skills and stumbling blocks can sweep you forward or hold you back.

She has been a U.S. State Department Fellow, recipient of the International Women’s Day award from the Amherst League of Women Voters, grantee of the Foundation for Motivated Women, and U.S. Peace Corps volunteer. She was the founding director of a leadership program called the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact at the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, a philanthropic foundation, where she was director of grants and strategic initiatives, as well as the interim CEO.

Julie uses outcome-based strategies to help emerging and seasoned leaders build their leadership for a purpose, no matter their profession.

In veterinary medicine, Julie has written numerous articles on women’s leadership and co-developed the first course on the subject, which debuted in March 2014 at Cornell University where she was a senior research consultant.  The course and many of her women’s leadership seminars have been delivered with her colleague, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Dean Emeritus Dr. Donald F. Smith, author of a popular blog on veterinary leadership and history.  Their book, Leaders of the Pack, Women and the Future of Veterinary Medicine, was recently published by Purdue University Press. She is a founding director of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative, a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing women.


Watch Julie lead a graduate student workshop at Cornell University.

So you want to be a leader in order to make a difference.

Greater Good Leadership helps you become the leader that the world needs.  Julie Kumble, CEO of Greater Good Leadership, has worked as a leader in social change for over 25 years.  She delivers interactive seminars, workshops and one-on-one training for women that provide solutions-based strategies for increasing confidence and positive change.

“Today was wonderful, thank you for giving us such a lovely and enlightening opportunity!”

–Cornell University Student, DVM 2017

“I absolutely loved this workshop. It was so helpful and I learned so much! I look forward to participating again in the future.”

–University of Minnesota Student, DVM 2016

“Thank you so much for coming to Auburn asnd talking to the students. I have had nothing but positive feedback about the workshop. It was also amazing to actually get to meet you!”

–Marike Visser DVM
Clinical Pharmacology Resident, PhD Student
Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

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