From the early suffragettes to the hundreds of thousands who marched across the globe this year on January 21, to the women who perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York City in 1911, a tragedy that spawned protests worldwide and led to Women’s History Month,  this month marks the struggles and achievements of women across the globe.

In this month’s blog I join forces with Dr. Rachel Cezar as we contribute to a Women’s History Month podcast that is hosted by Dr. Lisa Greenhill of the Association of American Veterinary Colleges.   The discussion gave me a chance to consider what I’m doing and how I can it better.

I hope that this month you give yourself the gift of time to think about your own achievements and how they fit into the larger effort of women making positive change.  What do you do, what do you want to do better, how are you linking arms with others to make a difference together?


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